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  • GAC starts a training course on green customs in partnership with the ministry of municipality and environment on 18/2/2018, for 2 days. ....more

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  • GAC participates in a course on customs role in combating money laundry, for 2 days, starting from 25/2/2018. ....more

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Achievements, facts, figures and future expectation



In view of the global and regional changes and economic growth in Qatar, the GAC had developed five-year plan ,according to this plan the customs sector will develop in the country according to international best practices and to meet the World Customs Organization standards aimed to promote world trade and facilitate security requirements, and at the same time keep pace with variables that accompanied the economic boom taking place in the country, and what happened of the steady growth in the volume of imports and exports.


qualitative leap for the Qatari customs by obtaining the tenth place among the 140 countries in the global competitiveness report.

At the regional and international level, and after studying the report issued by the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) it has been shown that the Qatari Customs contributed in all four criteria in moving the general indicator on the level  of global competitiveness, and in the Global Competitiveness Report issued by the World Economic Forum (WEF) for the years ( 2015- 2016) the State of Qatar was number (14) among 140 competing countries, Qatar considers the first on the level of  the Arab world, and on the detailed indicators Qatar has got (5.4) in the burden of customs procedures on the degree of evaluation , (10) Among 140 countries have undergone the global competition indicators.



The Qatar customs is the first among the Gulf countries in integrity

The Economist Intelligence Unit report in The Economist regarding standard of integrity has been confirmed that the Qatar Customs is the first among Gulf countries where it has got the 79.9% mark, while the Gulf average was 65.8% as a result of GAC care of developing the human ethics , the GAC took the integrity into account to put the integrity in its strategic plan among the most important set for working system and issuing a booklet distributed to staff on "the duties and ethics of the customs officer”.


Qualitative strategic plan compatible with Qatar vision 2030

Qatar has taken a new step by preparing its strategic plan for the years (2014 - 2017) and draws its future goals through this plan, reflecting the firm belief that planning for the future is the best method for the development of performance and meet the challenges. Customs strategy has focused on implementing a plan of action associated with specified time periods upon which all departments of customs, according to indicators to measure performance, challenge our abilities, and we put in our vision to becom the authority that provides customs services to all our partners, include experienced efficient and skilled staff, experts who characterized by the highest degree of responsibility and commitment.


The GAC achieved several achievements which support achieving the four strategic goals of the GAC , that have been identified as follows:

1- Building the institutional abilities and efficient working group with high motivation.
2- Protecting society and environment security and the reduction of customs trade fraud
3- Providing customs services according to best world practices.
4- To be one of the main factors in making a catalyst investment environment.


The strategic plan includes more than (50) projects in the coming years in order to achieve these goals through more than 25 standard indicators.


The strategic plan focused on taking into account implementing Qatar vision 2030 where there is a link between the strategic objectives with the sectorial objectives and the required results of updating general sector institutions with national strategy (2011-2016), that were placed to achieve Qatar vision 2030 objectives , the first strategic objective is building the institutional abilities to achieve human development pillar that contributes in promoting the use of strategic planning of human resources, the second strategic objective is protecting the society and environment security that contribute in achieving the environment development pillar and the cooperation at the regional and international levels, While the third and fourth objectives contribute to the economic development pillar through enhancing the investment roll and meet more competitive economy.


In the field of human resources development, the GAC achieved great and significant achievement in qatarization and the employment of nationals, qatarizations rate has exceeded 94% in GAC as for land ,air and sea departments, the rate was 100%, while in the field of training during the first half of 2014 the numbers of trainers were 1909 employees participated in 76 training courses, and in the field of preparing human staff the GAC obtained the academic accreditation in training associated diploma in customs major which considered the first major in the Arab region, the first batch have been graduated and had a clear reflection on performance development and improving customs work.


In order to increase the human development and employees satisfaction , a committee has been created related to personnel in the GAC, every employee can submit a movement request through this committee , the request must be studied and then take the necessary process in this regard.


Alnadeeb is a pioneer program in customs clearance according to the high best practices.

The GAC has a group of pioneer projects in all customs work fields “alnadeeb system” for electronic customs clearance “single window” for facilitating the electronic customs clearance in purpose of create a cooperation environment between the customs and the private sectors to facilitate movement of goods. You can send electronic messages through this system to the importers that can help them to track the customs procedures regularly. As a result of applying this system , the shift system has been unified in all border ports to start applying the automatic distribution of customs data to workers.


to apply the principle of the single window and to make the things easier for all dealers, there were electronic link with the Supreme Council for Communications and the Ministry of Environment in all departments as well as with the Supreme Council of Health, and we will link also with the Ministry of Interior in order to facilitate exchange of information about customs data, saving time and effort and make instant control and stay away from usual communication methods and build a database, and the other pioneer projects is Customer Service Center, which helped to accomplish reviewers transactions as soon as possible, the system provides (5) services and there are studies to increase the number of services within the strategy produced by the authority to increase cooperation with partners, while the average number of the visitors center reached (2500) reviewers in a month.


In the field of electronic archiving, which are involved in the Customs projects (programs without paper) where all internal correspondence sent electronically, the total numbers of users of this system has reached (300) user from customs officials, as well as linking the fax mail systems, e-mail and the filter reader.


The GAC foiled the smuggling of thousands of contraband in all its ports during 2015, such as substance, weapons , fake money , magic and other contraband or restricted goods in addition to combating the entrance of adulterated goods, which ranked first in the seizures by 45% of the total seizures.


In the field of the GAC responsibility towards the local community, a community responsibility plan has been prepared to demonstrates the GAC's role in the interaction with the community and institutions of the local community through various means of awareness through the media, the organization of educational lectures awareness , publication and distribution of brochures and make private visits to VIPs in the community. Qatar Customs has participated during 2014 in (3) local meetings, (15) regional meetings, (26) meetings at the level of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC),and (8) international meetings


In the field of agreements, the G AC has signed 10 bilateral agreements in the field of administrative cooperation in customs matters ,and applied (16) international agreements, which contributed in increasing the volume of trade and reducing customs and non-customs obstacles and economic openness to the world of global competitiveness, encourage and attract investment.


the Customs Authority also has completed the third phase of the Columbus program issued by the World Customs Organization, where the report mentioned in this regard the level of progress achieved by the country in all fields of customs clearance and within international standards.


In the field of electronic link with neighborhood countries, there were integrated links between Abu Samra port and the Saudi port (Salwa) considers one port in dealing with incoming and outgoing and query of vehicles and goods to stop smuggling and illegal commercial activities and irregularities that are harmful to the economic, financial and social interests of both countries .


In conclusion, the Authority and within its future aspirations will continue to expand the use of modern technology to develop its business and complete all development projects included in the strategic plan and hard work in developing and simplifying the procedures and to reach the international standards and full implementation of the Kyoto agreement to facilitate and simplify the procedures and continue applying the best international standards in risk management , selectivity , developing the mechanism of illegal commercial activities reviews and to consolidate partnership principle with the private sector .


Currently the GAC is working in designing a customs clearance project (alnadeeb 2), which will be a quantum leap in customs and provide outstanding customs services, which is expected to create a customs gate which provides all customs services electronically, as well as establishing electronic systems for all customs procedures that sectors based on ,the operation of facilities and installations related to the import and export of goods can benefit from that gate.