• The GAC participates in a seminar on preventing the proliferation of biological weapons and biological terrorism in Doha from 3-4 April 2017. ....more

  • The GAC participates in the (60) meeting of the Customs and Computer Procedures committee in Riyadh during the period 10-13 / 4/2017. ....more

  • GAC organizes a course on practical application in customs tariff (general goods),for 3 days, from 2-4-2017. ....more

  • GAC conducts a training course on protecting Intellectual property rights, on 2-4-2017 for 2 days. ....more

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“The 14th foundation” qualifies the new batch of customs inspectors.



Mr. Hamad Alkubaisi ,the head of training department said that the GAC held this course with the participation of 22 new employees, they had various of theoretical and field training through 9 weeks, the first 6 weeks were specified for theoretical sessions on rules and laws of customs work , in GAC headquarters, and then they started to have the field training in police training institute for 3 weeks, the GAC took into account that the trainers must be experts and specialized in theoretical and field areas.


These courses established in result of a mutual training agreement between GAC and police training institute in order to enhance the practical aspects and field trainings that consider important to the customs inspectors.

The GAC specified a comprehensive sessions on customs inspection, seizures, writing reports, evaluation of goods, customs values, exemptions, tariff, harmonized system, risk management, customs accounting ,revenue and auditor, inspection and customs intelligence , the nature of the work of GCC customs union , alnadeeb single window , body language skills, methods of counterfeiting and forgery and other important issues related to the customs.


The GAC added also in its foundation program the methods of research and investigation, dealings with the drugs, detection bombings, money laundry, how to deal with radioactive and dangerous substances.