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Al-Nadeeb Customs Clearance System Achieves the Highest Performance within 3 Months



The General Authority of Customs GAC announced a number of achievements and positive indicators achieved by Al-Nadeeb customs clearance System during the past three months. The number of submitted declarations reached more than four millions, as well as 170 thousand customs declarations done during the month of April.


The General Authority of Customs pointed out that the steady growth in the immediate customs operations and online transactions has made significant gains for traders, importers and clearing agents, especially in terms of speed, ease of handling, performance improvement and availability of service anywhere and at any time given.

The General Authority of Customs continues to improve Al-Naddeb system, and GAC completed the development of the backup site of Abo-Samra port. Moreover; the system has made the infrastructure available for users up to 100%, respectively during the last eight months, which reflects its high efficiency in providing high quality services of international standards. The technical support team, as well, provided immediate solutions of all complaints received from the customer service center on the spot.


In the light of these positive indicators, the number of companies registered on the system increased to 16416 companies, and 263 new commercial companies were registered during April to fully benefit from the services provided by Al-Nadeeb to firms, traders and clearing agents. Furthermore, the number of registered clearing agents increased to 1747, in addition to 35 agents registered during the same month.


Al Nadeeb mobile application has achieved a remarkable increase in customs transactions completed through the application. The number of downloads on mobile phones and other electronic platforms has reached 1385 downloads during the last months, indicating a wide interaction from traders and customs clearing agents.


On 1st of March, Al Nadeeb monitored 570 successful log-in processes through which 21 immediate financial payments have been made and 1496 customs declarations have been efficiently completed. Transactions continuously increased at the rate of 25% to reach 2157 statements on the second day. There was a variety of transactions that included 687 downloads and 39 financial payments.


Transactions set a new record by end of March to reach 1074 transactions, compared to 570 transactions registered on the beginning of the month, summing up to 100% increase, and indicating continuous and constant growth in interaction.


Total customs statements completed during March reached 41,000 declarations settled through the system as well as finalizing customs procedures in all ports.


The growing confidence from users in the system and the added value it provides to traders, dealers and clearing agents, promises an increase in electronic transactions completed through Al Nadeeb mobile application and other online platforms, this is due to Al Nadeeb efficiency in settling various transactions, submitting supporting documentations, and shortening processing time made through the integration of Al Nadeeb system with other governmental agencies.