• GAC organizes a specialization course on rules of origin and their applications , from 4 to 6 February 2018. ....more

  • GAC starts a training course on green customs in partnership with the ministry of municipality and environment on 18/2/2018, for 2 days. ....more

  • GAC starts a course on customs exemptions and fees suspension systems , for 5 days, starting from 25/2/2018. ....more

  • GAC participates in a course on customs role in combating money laundry, for 2 days, starting from 25/2/2018. ....more

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The customs wins 2 excellence awards of Qatar digital government



GAC got Excellence Awards for Digital Qatar Government, where it ranked top as the best provider of digital project and the fourth best governmental Website, Mr. Adel Maraghi , the director of information systems administration at the GAC has received the award at the conclusion of Qatar exhibition of Communication and Information Technology events (QITCOM 2017).


information system , operations and risk analysis administrations have participated in (QITCOM 2017) conference, with the participation of a number of governmental agencies as well as most prominent local and regional organizations the in the field of telecommunications and information technology, the exhibition has focused this year on future visions through the participants show of the future prospects for the telecommunications industry and information technology and its advanced technology unprecedented in this area.

Information systems administration has provided through the exhibition the latest technological and technical developments which applied in the customs administrations, it has also introduced a number of advanced devices in screening containers and cargo and some systems expected to be launched by the administration ,such as electronic disclosure program and broker testing programs in addition to the latest technological programs in the field of electronic customs clearance and issuance of various statistical reports as well as the role of customs in foreign trade and international economics


Participation of GAC in this exhibition is through its strategic goals , on the basis of community responsibility and its role in the dissemination of awareness among all customers of the services provided by the Authority for a better flow of goods and passengers to enhance the internal and external communication, which is “alnadeeb” system for electronic customs clearance and it is a window to facilitate and simplify customs procedures "customs paperless".