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Frustrating the smuggling of 5 kilograms of marijuana in Hamad international airport


The general authority of customs was able to seize a big amount of narcotic marijuana which weighs 5 kilograms in addition of a bag full of a raw heroin weighs 107 grams, after inspecting a suspected bag belonging to an Asian passenger by the customs employee, there was another seizure of 3213 of a forbidden tramadol tablets belonging to an Arabic passenger coming from one of the Gulf states for the purpose of deception.


HE Ahmad bin Ali Almuhannadi, The chairman of the general authority of customs has honored the 2 inspectors , as well stressing on continuing the efforts for protecting the country security and defeating the drugs which harm the society. HE emphasized that the customs is supporting its employees in all ports and provide them with continuous training in cooperation with the competent authority in all customs works fields.


Mr. Ajab Mansour Alqahtani , acting director of Hamad international airport customs said that the cooperation among customs officers facilitate the seizure, whereas the systems and controlling department and customs ambulatory team has monitored and followed- up the suspected bag from the beginning till it arrived to the inspecting area. The legal actions has been taken immediately after this seizure, as well as preparing of a minutes and confiscating the goods and calling the responsible security agencies for receiving such seizure .


3214 tramadol tablets.

The second seizure was a huge amount of drugs, which has been seized by a woman who works in the general authority of customs.


The officer who has seized the first seizure declared that he noticed different content in the bag comparing with other bags, and while auditing the bag through the x-ray he observed some indicators which requires opening the bag.


The officer mentioned also that this is his first seizure of marijuana ,but he was able to seize a huge amount of different type of drugs , are less than theses amount.


It is worth mentioning that the customs department in Hamad international airport detected many attempts of narcotic drugs smuggling, suspected to be (Hashish) and numbers of illicit tablets mixed in candies and nuts bags, were hidden in a furtiveness way, but the customs inspectors were on alert.