• GAC organizes a specialization course on rules of origin and their applications , from 4 to 6 February 2018. ....more

  • GAC starts a training course on green customs in partnership with the ministry of municipality and environment on 18/2/2018, for 2 days. ....more

  • GAC starts a course on customs exemptions and fees suspension systems , for 5 days, starting from 25/2/2018. ....more

  • GAC participates in a course on customs role in combating money laundry, for 2 days, starting from 25/2/2018. ....more

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7.25 kg of ďcocaineĒ seized by customs


Mr. Ahmad Aljamal has honored 2 of Hamad airport employees because of 7.25 of cocaine seizure. He thanked Hamad airportís employees for their great , obvious and dedicated efforts that enable them to seize this special seizures and prevent the entry of this seizures within the country, pointing out that the successes achieved by customs is the result of the wise leadership and vision and the huge support from the country that enable the customs to be modernized and developable and provide distinct customs services. .......more

Qatar Customs seized smuggling attempt of 6 kg of gold


GAC seized a transit passenger tried to smuggle 84 pieces of gold with a total weight of 6 kg, following the suspicion of importing Officer in Hamad International Airport and transferred him to self-inspection. The incident started when an Asian passengers came from a Gulf state ,he has disclosed of some gold pieces found in his bag and said he wants them as transit .......more

The customs foiled attempt to smuggle 11 kg of marijuana with a passenger came from Asia


The seizure was foiled by a customs inspector , the Marijuana was in the passengerís bag which was covered in a strange way, and mixed with some food. The professional abilities of human cadres in Qatar customs, high knowledge of smuggling methods used by the smugglers, in addition to our use of the latest inspection.......more

The customs foiled attempt to smuggle 11 kg of marijuana with a passenger came from Asia


Cadres of GAC work in Hamad international airport had seized a big amount of Marijuana ď11 kgĒ, the chairman of GAC has honored the inspector who seized the marijuana and thanked all the staff. He pointed out that the GAC keen to be as a bulwark for most of drugs smuggling operations that failed by watchful inspectors. .......more

The customs foiled a smuggling of 8 kg of marijuana with a passenger came from Asia


An inspector suspected of a passenger related to an Asian passenger came from one of the Gulf countries for the purpose of deception .the chairman of the GAC has honored the inspector ensuring the necessity of continuing the efforts in order to protect countryís security and stand lookout for these harmful substances that harm society. .......more

A passenger carried 44 capsules in his stomach


The GAC in HIA detected smuggling of cocaine inside passengerís entrails came from Africa. according to inspector suspicion , the passenger has been stopped and his bags were fully inspected and then he had body search, the inspector suspected in his behavior and that he carried contraband in his entrails, so he was transferred to the hospital and they discovered something strange in his stomach,44 capsules of cocaine. .......more

The seizure of marijuana inside foodstuff


The GAC has defeated the smuggling of marijuana. That is prohibited, with an Asian passenger, coming from his country to Doha across Hamad international airport, The passengerís bag was inspected manually after scanning and when it was transferred to the inspection area , they found an oval ball covered with a black plastic bag and inside it .......more

Frustrating the smuggling of 5 kilograms of marijuana in Hamad international airport


The general authority of customs was able to seize a big amount of narcotic marijuana which weighs 5 kilograms in addition of a bag full of a raw heroin weighs 107 grams, after inspecting a suspected bag belonging to an Asian passenger by the customs employee, there was another seizure of 3213 of a forbidden tramadol tablets belonging to an Arabic passenger coming from one of the Gulf states for the purpose of deception. .......more

Thwarting smuggling of 3 Kg of Marijuana at Doha Airport


The Airport Customs Department of the General Authority of Customs was able to seize an amount of Marijuana weighing approximately 3 kg. The drug was hidden in a stealth way inside a box among luggage of an Asian passenger. .......more

Customs foils smuggling of 1.5 kg of opium


Air Cargo customs in a passenger terminal foiled the smuggling of 1.5 kg of narcotic opium substance possessed by a passenger coming on board a flight from an Asian country. Seizure was conducted with the help of the Tracing Division in MOI. .......more

Customs and security authorities raided smugglers of 9 thousand bottle of wine


Sea Customs in General Authority of Customs foiled the smuggling fora large number of alcohol bottles tried to be entered to the country in furtiveness way by smugglers inside wooden planks through Doha Port, which reached to 9 thousand bottles of customs value 1.350 million QR. .......more

1. Detection of smuggling of banned tablets inside a ghee can


Customs officers in the passenger terminal of the airport detected an attempt to smuggle banned tablets hidden in furtiveness way inside a frozen ghee can coming with a passenger on a direct flight from an Arab country. .......more