• GAC organizes a specialization course on rules of origin and their applications , from 4 to 6 February 2018. ....more

  • GAC starts a training course on green customs in partnership with the ministry of municipality and environment on 18/2/2018, for 2 days. ....more

  • GAC starts a course on customs exemptions and fees suspension systems , for 5 days, starting from 25/2/2018. ....more

  • GAC participates in a course on customs role in combating money laundry, for 2 days, starting from 25/2/2018. ....more

Customs Strategic Plan:

The summary of the amended strategic plan of the General Authority of Customs 2014-2017



The Qatar GAC has taken a new step by preparing a strategic plan 2013-2016,the GAC tries to plan its goals for the future through this plan, and facilitates the studied hard work that can achieve its ambition and aspiration. The GAC believes that the future planning considers the best system of developing the performance and confronting the challenges inside any entity looks for success.


The vision of the GAC was to prepare a strategic plan in the period 2013-2016 to be compatible with the national development strategy of the state of Qatar 2011-2016, as well as focusing on the economic side that the GAC is included under it by the government ,aiming that the strategic outputs of the GAC meet with the strategic goals of national development .


The document of the strategic plan 2013-2016 has been prepared carefully by the designated committee, and in cooperation with senior officials, consultants, directors of administrations and heads of departments in GAC, through distributing questionnaires ,analyzing data, workshops, holding a brainstorming sessions and other searching and planning mechanisms which they were used for gathering the clear, measurable and specific goals. All the employees of the customs should put these goals in view and try to reach these goals and achieving them.


In the wake of issuing the Amiri decision , No. (37) for the year 2014, about establishing the GAC, the need of reviewing the previous mentioned strategic plan document and amending it to be compatible with the new organized map has arisen, so the result is creating this current document which includes a new time frame 2014-2017.


Taking into account that the strategic plan includes the most important values and principles which guide the GAC work on both internal and external. As well includes the summary of a various of meetings and consultation sessions which have been held with agencies related to customs . the aim of these meetings was to collect their notes on customs and their expectation about the customs future performance.


The most important attention about this strategy is that it based on executive working plan related to a specific time periods , all the departments and units based on it, according to indicators to measure the performance. The GAC aims to be an authority which provides customs services to all partners.


Achieving the goals of this strategic plan requires developing our academic and administrative performance and improving our human resources, as well investing our financial resources properly and effectively. The application of included programs and projects consider a mutual responsible among all staff in the GAC, and we hope that all the employees efforts will combine to translate this ambitious plan into reality, which helps the GAC to satisfy the society by the customs services provided to them in addition to achieve the excellence on the international and regional level.



The chairman of the GAC



The vision

Global customs Commitment, facilitation, and  excellence




Providing customs services for the licit trade exceeds our customers’ expectation and contributes effectively in achieving the continuous development



This strategy created to form a group of basic and inspirational values and principles for the GAC employees in all its facilities.


1- Country love / patriotism

Belonging , tender, and sacrificing.


    2- The customer is first

    Customer satisfaction is one of top priorities, we believe that the customer has essential requirements we endeavor to achieve them … as follows:

    - Honest
    - Protection
    - Transparency and clarity
    - Achievement Speed and accuracy
    - Understanding and respect


    3- Integrity:

    truth and impartiality  when issuing a judgment.


    4- Professionalism

Dealing professionally in accordance with the regulations and rules, without the effect of personal tendency and follow the best practical practices to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.


5- Group work:

Work together to achieve a mutual vision


6- Focusing on the results:

The final results is the key of our work and we endeavor to achieve the best of results on both individual and institutional level.



The strategic goals of the GAC:

1- Preparing the institutional capacities and qualified working group with high motivation.
2- Protecting the society and environment security and reducing the customs commercial fraud.
3- Providing customs services in accordance with the latest global practices that meet the customers’ needs.
4- To be one of the main factors to create a catalist investment environment.