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Circulars & Executive Decisions

Executive Resolutions:

1-  A resolution regarding the documents to be attached to the customs declaration​​

2-  A resolution regarding the instructions on inspecting the goods

3-  A resolution on the rules and conditions regulating public warehouses

4-  A resolution regarding the rules and conditions for the sale of goods by auction

5-  A resolution on identifying goods subject to high customs duties

6-  A resolution regarding unloading and trans-shipment

7-  A resolution on conditions and information to be available in the cargo manifest

8-  A resolution on warehouses, pallets and trailers

9-  A resolution regarding the procedures and rules for authorization and inspection of travelers  travellers baggage and packages

10- A resolution on releasing the goods before paying the customs duties

11- A resolution on conditions and controls for exempting returned goods

12- A resolution on the withdrawal of goods in emergencies

13- A resolution on customs value instructions for imported goods

14- A resolution on automobile warehouses

15- A resolution on the terms and conditions of practicing the profession of customs clearance

16- A resolution on import controls and procedures for re-exportation

17- Procedures for the application of (TIR Carnet)​​​

18- Launching the e-freight initiative at the Air cargo and private airports Department​

19- ​Adopting the mechanism proposed by the team concerned with studying the conditions for importing and exporting currencies for financial institutions, in dealing with shipments of currencies registered in the country

20- Customs procedures to be followed for the admission of ships, platforms and floating rigs to work in  the territorial waters of the country​

21- Goods subject to excise tax


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